Lending Charter

Cash Train is a trading name of Money3 Services Pty Ltd ("Money3")

Money3 is committed to being a responsible lender

Money3 has more than 15 years of industry experience in providing loans to consumers in Australia. We have become a market leader in providing both suitable, and affordable products to our customers.

We regularly review our systems and processes to ensure that we are lending responsibly to our customers. When we receive loan applications, we assess the ability of the applicants to meet their repayment commitments. Many loan applications aren't approved by us and we won't proceed if we think an applicant will have difficulty servicing the loan.

A large number of our customers are unable to receive a loan from a bank. In our view, they still deserve the right to obtain credit. They may be on lower incomes, or have negative marks on their credit files, and we will still 'give our customers a go' provided we have assessed that they can afford to repay the loan they have applied for.

We believe our success can be attributed to the high level of customer service and their satisfaction, which is evidenced by the fact that so much of our business comes via 'word of mouth'.

We not only comply with our regulatory obligations when providing credit to our customers, we take our commitment to be a responsible lender further by adopting the following set of principles which we have established:

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