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*First Time Customers Could Borrow up to $800 Paid Direct to Their Bank Accounts
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Cash Train Loan Costs

Find out what it's going to cost you - with no surprises

Cash Train loans are meant to give you some extra cash in an emergency - just when you need it and fast.

There is a 20% loan establishment fee, plus a 4% monthly fee over 3 months. Your loan repayment period is set to 10 weeks when paid weekly, 5 fortnights when paid fortnightly and 3 months when paid monthly - giving you 3 months to get back on track with your finances. Use the calculator above to find out what your weekly, fortnightly or monthly repayments could be.

Your repayments with Cash Train are smaller than payday loans, which usually require payment in full on your next payday or within 3 or 4 weeks.

As responsible lenders, we will continue to assess your circumstances for future loans or renewal. Please note that renewals will not be automatically approved.

Man Checking Loan Costs

Our customers tell us they want:

  • A simple charging structure
  • More time to repay
  • No hidden fees
  • Prior knowledge of what they may have to pay if things go wrong

Example Loan Costs

The minimum and maximum loan term is 10 weeks or 3 months, depending on your payment frequency
Borrow Costs Repay
$500 $160 $660
$1000 $320 $1320
$1500 $480 $1980
$2000 $640 $2640

Possible Charges

We believe in no hidden costs, so these are the fees that are payable if your circumstances change

If your circumstances change and you have problems meeting your repayments, the following charges may apply:

Your Situation Fee
Fail to Make Scheduled Repayment $25.00

If you are successful in your application, please read your contract carefully so you understand all fees and charges.

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