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About Cash Train Loans online

We're the only online cash lender we know who actively promotes a 48 hour guarantee!

In everything we do, we aim to be:

Cash Train is a Lender!

Cash Train is a trading name of Online Loans Pty Ltd - a leading online fast cash loans provider. Established in 2009, we've been providing cash loans to 1000's of Australians just like you every month. We believe strongly in responsible lending - not only in accordance with the National Consumer Credit Protection Act (2009) but because it makes good sense for us, and for you.

Our management team have been involved in online short term loans since 2003 and have over 60 years of consumer credit experience between them.

Cash Loan
$50 - $2,000
Personal Loan
$2,001 - $10,000

Responsible lending means that - when we assess your application for a cash loan - we keep two things above all in mind - whether can you afford the loan without additional difficulties and if a cash loan will be the best product for you.

In addition to this, we offer our customers a longer repayment period than most short term lenders. By spreading the repayments over a longer period, it is easier for customers to manage their repayments.

We're the only online lender we know who actively promotes a 48 hour guarantee. This means, if you decide your cash loan is not the right fit for you and we've already given you the money, you can advise us within 48 hours and repay the amount we lent you in the first place when you let us know.

Things you should know

Cash Train (Online Loans Pty Ltd) is fully regulated and governed by the National Consumer Credit Protection Act (2009), the Privacy Act (1998) and all other applicable laws. Online Loans Pty Ltd is registered with ASIC as an Australian Credit Licence Holder, Licence Number 389 189.

We are a member of the Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA) and adhere to their complaints processes. We are also members of the two main industry bodies aiming to set the highest standards in short term lending - the National Financial Services Federation (NFSF) and the Financiers' Association of Australia (FAA).

Our registered office address is Cash Train, 4/25 Prowse Street, West Perth, WA 6005.

Our ABN: is 62 102 154 781

Cash Train is an NCPA Member

The National Credit Providers Association (NCPA) is the peak national industry body representing the Small Amount Consumer Lending Industry in Australia. NCPA takes very seriously its role of driving self-regulation of the industry, by assisting and guiding lenders in the provision of fair and safe credit under the National Consumer Credit Protection Act 2009. Most importantly, NCPA strives to promote and protect the rights of customers by ensuring lenders are applying responsible lending practices. NCPA works closely with members and policy makers, to maintain a viable small loans industry that provides responsible lending and vital financial inclusion to around 1 million Australians a year.^

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Example Loan Costs

Borrow Costs Repay
$500 $160 $660
$1,000 $320 $1,320
$1,500 $480 $1,980
$2,000 $640 $2,640
Borrow Costs Repay
$500 $220 $720
$1,000 $440 $1,440
$1,500 $660 $2,160
$2,000 $880 $2,880
Borrow Costs Repay
$500 $340 $840
$1,000 $680 $1,680
$1,500 $1,320 $2,820
$2,000 $1,360 $3,360
Borrow Costs Repay
$2,100 $1,345 $3,445
$2,500 $1,525 $4,025
$3,500 $1,975 $5,475
$4,500 $2,425 $6,925
Borrow Costs Repay
$5,000 $2,650 $7,650
$6,000 $3,100 $9,100
$8,000 $4,000 $12,000
$10,000 $4,900 $14,900